SAT Prep Classes and Study Skills Workshops in Lahore, Pakistan

START NOW TEST PREP offers high quality, affordable individual and small group instruction that helps students to succeed on the SAT Preparation in Lahore. We believe all students achieve when provided with test and student specific strategies that maximize each student’s learning style and potential. All instruction is provided by experienced, professional New Jersey Certified Teachers who have focused their tutoring in the Berkeley Heights, Madison, and Westfield areas.

SAT preparation in Lahore

We are offering Best SAT preparation in Lahore. These classes are ideal for students who can’t find or aren’t able to attend quality SAT prep classes in their geographic location. The lessons cover math, writing, and reading strategies to supplement the College Board study guide. Students. For more information on the self study classes, please email


Our classes are unique and different from other SAT Prep Classes in the following ways:

  • Self study classes are convenient for everyone, by well-educated tutors.
  • SAT classes are best for those who are self-motivated and work well independently.
  • We offer all the strategies you learn in the expensive in-person courses, including tips for Math, Critical Reading, and Writing sections.
  • We also include information on study skills strategies, learning stylestime managementstress managementtest anxiety, and success strategies.
  • Self study courses are practical and affordable for every student. We offer a convenient monthly payment plan for those needing financial assistance.

Classes include:

SAT Academy in Lahore

SAT Academy in Lahor، is located in Lahore Cant, where you can fulfill your test requirements very easily.  Discover your learning style (seeing, hearing, doing) and how to use your learning style to be more successful in school or work.  Knowing and understanding your learning style will help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  This class will also cover basic study skills.

Time Management and Setting Priorities
learn how to manage your time wisely by setting priorities and developing discipline.  This class will help the student make better decisions, decrease procrastination, and learn healthy lifestyle strategies.  The class will teach the student how to determine if a task is urgent and/or important.

Test Anxiety and Stress Management

Learn ways to manage your test anxiety and relaxation techniques.  This class will help students cope with test-taking stress, and will also explore relaxation techniques for stress management.

Success Strategies and Goal Setting

Learn what drives and motivates successful people and how to become successful.  This class discusses the motivation and goal setting.  Students will leave with practical goals and direction for their personal success.

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