Best GRE preparation in Lahore 

double refund if you don’t get 330

GRE Preparation in Lahore

Best GRE Preparation in Lahore

See, there are a limited number of seats that any US university offers in any given academic year. Same goes for prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright. An extremely high GRE score, such as upwards of 330, is your one of the last chances that can stand your application out from other applicants competing for the same seats and same scholarships.

In my GRE preparation in Lahore premium course, which is best that you can get not only in Lahore but in the entire world, I will teach you and train you to get a ridiculously high score in two months that your competition will not be able to know in 5 years.

To get into your dream program in the US with or without a Fulbright scholarship.

  • Don’t let your dream to chance.
  • Don’t let 330 to a second or third attempt.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than 330 either.
  • It is cut-throat competition nowadays for MS or P.hD programmes from Ivy Leagues.
  • Unless you have a stellar application, 330 in GRE is an absolute must.

Do I guarantee you this score in GRE Preparation in Lahore?

Absolutely! If you don’t get 330 in your first attempt in GRE preparation in Lahore, I will refund you double the amount you have spent on my course. Not only that I will buy you any GRE course that you think would get you that score.

330 in GRE? Are you sure Ali that I would get this?

How can I claim with such a surety that you would definitely get 330 in GRE? To answer this I would like to ask you a few questions:

  • Did you ever see a magician saw a lady in half?
  • A sword swallower gobble down a 28-inch blade?
  • A swami walk barefoot over a bed of fiery coals?

How can this be done? You try to do these acts and you would definitely end up getting yourself or someone else hurt–pretty severely. That is for sure.

But, how can they do it?

Is it training?


Any kind of training?

Hell No!!!

Are there tricks?

You know the answer.

Can you learn it?

Yes, and when you learn them you can do them too.

GRE is not much different, my friend.

It is replete with tricks. But don’t get me wrong here; there is work involved. You will be required to put an extreme effort and stretch yourself to the extreme. Don’t worry.  I know how to get that done; how to make you put effort; and how to stretch you to those limits. But you have to be prepared to get through this training with the mental attitude that you won’t give up.

You do only this part.

And rest assured at the end of this GRE preparation course in Lahore, you will be laughing at other GRE takers like Spartans.  The feeling is matchless when you beat the nerve part of the GRE. It is an absolute must to cross 330 in GRE. Unless and until you get this feeling before your test day, 330 cannot be achieved.

As simple as that.

Yeah, yeah you will get 170 in Quant. 170 in Quant these days is no big feat. Many GRE-takers from China, India, South Korea, and other Asian countries are already fetching 170 in Quant. You will get it too with this course. But what my GRE course will definitely, exclusively, and necessarily get you is 160 plus in GRE verbal too. And any verbal score that is greater than 160 is such a rarity in GRE world that it is worth in GOLD. You mention it in your essays/S.O.P and it is made a talking point in the interview as well. It is a magnet for Fulbright scholarship–in case you are aiming for it. It is an absolute luxury to hit that number.

I will make you bask in that luxury. All you have to do is follow the game plan and don’t try to cut the corners yourself. You give me two dedicated months, I guarantee you 330 in GRE.

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