If you think that you have seen it all in SC and it poses no further challenge to you, you’ll be surprised to see the fallacy of your thinking.  In this workshop, I share my newest, best SC material that you won’t get in any prep guide or online.

My challenge:  you get single SC incorrect on test-day; I’ll refund you double the amount. But be warned, there is work involved. If, however, you do your part, I promise the kind of GMAT verbal score that you will be able to make a talking point in an interview as ‘ell. Don’t try to save some dough here; make millions when you get Harvard MBA under your belt. For more details visit GMAT.pk

Instructor’s Bio:

Ali Tariq is Global GMAT and MBA expert at www.BeatTheGMAT.com, having contributed immensely to the GMAT community. He holds a unique distinction in that he is the only Pakistani GMAT coach to be featured as Expert GMAT instructor at BeatTheGMAT.

For those who are not aware of the competitiveness of the process to get featured at BTG as Expert, suffice is to say that in the GMAT realm it is the highest distinction a GMAT coach can achieve.  Ali, however, considers helping his students fetch admits from their dream b-school his highest accomplishment.