GMAT Preparation in Lahore

Who I Am?

I am a GLOBAL GMAT Expert for the world’s largest GMAT community ‘BeatTheGMAT’, having moderated its verbal section and contributed solutions to most tricky GMAT verbal questions for BeatTheGMAT community. Currently, I am a freelance GMAT verbal trainer in Lahore and through computer-based online teaching. I have been teaching students spatially GMAT Preparation in Lahore from all over the world for the last five years.

Attendees of my GMAT Verbal workshops have achieved scores such as 770 in GMAT with my high-end Verbal course content. I devote 100% of my time to GMAT verbal and thus TEACH only GMAT verbal in Lahore and online, no QUANT, no SAT, no IELTS, no TOEFL, no ACT, no BULLSH*T.


I apologize for not being a ‘JACK of all tests’; I just can’t be and if you are looking for one, looking here will inevitably disappoint you. Those exposed to my GMAT verbal skills believe I know more about it than anyone else in the world. Over the years my belief has only strengthened that verbal, more than any other question type, can make or break the case for your b-school admission by a long shot!!!

GMAT Preparation in Lahore

Best GMAT Preparation in Lahore

SC Workshop: Salient Features and my bold promise

The Best GMAT Preparation in Lahore is designed to transform you into a GMAT SC grandmaster with expertise across the most frequently tested SC errors including Mastering Meaning, Parallelism, Comparisons, Cause and Effect relationships in SC that also come handy in CR & RC questions, modifiers, etc. Fast-track your GMAT verbal preparation by following a clear and structured learning path that is sure to get you 100% accuracy in GMAT SC on test day and that too under extreme time constraint conditions. You’ll receive a holistic understanding of how GMAC approach SC question types and gain advanced expertise in GMAT SC.

Gmat in Lahore course exposes you to over 8 major errors, 158 sub errors, discussion on more than 500 750+ level SC questions & includes extensive practice material as well as post-workshop practice material to help you master the complete GMAT SC skill set and make you test ready.