Q# Question Text
1 In the 1940s popular magazines in the United States began to report
2 Not trusting themselves to choose wisely among the wide array
3 Over the past ten years cultivated sunflowers have become a major commercial crop
4 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) had long been expected
5 Normally a bone becomes fossilized through the action
6 The use of the bar codeor Universal Product Code
7 Using study groups managed by the principal popular organizations
8 Written early in the French RevolutionMary Wollstonecraft’s
9 Traffic safety officials predict that drivers will be equally likely
10 Bengal-born writerphilosopherand educator Rabindranath Tagore
11 The remarkable similarity of Thule artifacts throughout a vast region
12 Researchers now regard interferon as not a single substance
13 A professor at the university has taken a sabbatical
14 The foundation works to strengthen local and regional
15 In the seventh century B.C.the Roman alphabet was adapted
16 Discussion of greenhouse effects have usually had as a focus
17 According to a recent studyretirees in the United States
18 Thomas Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus offers an examination
19 The Commerce Department reported that the nation’s economy
20 Between 14000 and 8000 B.C. the ice cap that covered northern Asia
21 To estimate the expansion rate of the universe is a notoriously difficult problem
22 Thai village craftsas with other cultureshave developed
23 Turtles like other reptilescan endure long fasts
24 Unlike the nests of leaf cutters and most other ants
25 Especially in the early yearsnew entrepreneurs may need
26 Like ancient Egyptian architectural materials that were recycled
27 The Life and Casualty Company hopes that by increasing
28 Cost cutting and restructuring has allowed the manufacturing company
29 In 1913the largely self-taught Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan
30 Because it regarded the environmentalists as members of an out-of-state organization
31 Heating oil and natural gas futures rose sharply yesterday
32 Although Alice Walker published a number of essays poetry collections
33 Unlike the virginalwhose single set of strings runs parallel
34 Travelers from Earth to Mars would have to endure low levels of gravity
35 Hurricanes at first begin traveling from east to west
36 A long-term study of some 1000 physicians indicates
37 From an experiment using special extrasensory perception cards
38 Air traffic routes over the North Pole are currently used by only
39 While Noble Sissle may be best known for his collaboration
40 As with ants the elaborate social structure of termites
41 In a speech before the Senate Banking Committeethe chairman
42 Recent interdisciplinary studies advance the argument that emotions
43 In her presentationthe head of the Better Business Bureau
44 According to some critics watching television not only undermines
45 Whereas in mammals the tiny tubes that convey nutrients
46 The original building and loan associations were organized
47 Among the objects found in the excavated temple were small
48 Beatrix Potterin her book illustrations carefully coordinating
49 Construction of the Roman Colosseumwhich was officially
50 The starssome of them at tremendous speeds
51 One of the primary distinctions between our intelligence with
52 The results of the company’s cost-cutting measures
53 More and more in recent yearscities are stressing
54 Doctors generally agree that such factors as cigarette smoking
55 Unlike the original National Museum of Science and Technology
56 The Olympic Games helped to keep peace among the pugnacious
57 Many house builders offer rent-to-buy programs that
58 In 1713 Alexander Pope began his translation of the Illiad
59 Because an oversupply of computer chips has sent prices plunging
60 The automotive conveyor-belt systemwhich Henry Ford modeled
61 Plants are more efficient at acquiring carbon than are fungi
62 In late 1997 the chambers inside the pyramid of the Pharaoh
63 As contrasted with the honeybee the yellow jacket
64 Sunspotsvortices of gas associated with strong electromagnetic activity
65 Diabetes together with its serious complicationsranks
66 In ancient Thailandmuch of the local artisans’ creative energy
67 Laos has a land area about the same as Great Britain
68 To develop more accurate population forecasts demographers
69 In 1850 Lucretia Mott published her Discourse on Women
70 Unlike the conviction held by many of her colleagues that genes
71 Emily Dickinson’s letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson were written
72 Neuroscientists having amassed a wealth of knowledge over the past
73 Retail sales rose 0.8 of 1 percent in Augustintensifying expectations
74 A surge in new home sales and a drop in weekly unemployment
75 There are several ways to build solid walls using just mud or clay
76 The widely accepted big-bang theory holds that the universe
77 By 1940 the pilot Jacqueline Cochran held seventeen official
78 With cornsoybeanand wheat reserves being low enough
79 Tropical bats play important roles in the rain forest ecosystem
80 A pioneer journalist Nellie Bly’s exploits included
81 Many experts regarded the increase in credit card borrowing
82 In 1979 lack of rain reduced India’s rice production
83 The intricate structure of the compound insect eye
84 At the end of the 1930s Duke Ellington was looking for a composer
85 Manufacturers rate batteries in watt-hours
86 In a review of 2000 studies of human behavior that date
87 SC49561.01 – When Medicare was enacted
88 SC28561.01 – Some historians of science have argued
89 SC75561.01 – Many states, in search of industries
90 SC29561.01 – A study of children of divorced parents
91 SC77561.01 – Because 70 percent of the people
92 SC21011.01 – The prime lending rate
93 SC93561.01 – The cathedrals of the Middle Ages
94 SC13561.01 – It may someday be worthwhile
95 SC14561.01 – The newspaper story accurately
96 SC30561.01 – During an ice age
97 SC72561.01 – Remembered almost as an epic
98 SC52561.01 – Financial uncertainties from the accident
99 SC95561.01 – Much of the hope for continued improvement
100 SC61561.01 – Many of them chiseled
101 Beginning in 1997, high school seniors in State Q have been required
102 Smithtown University’s fund-raisers succeeded in getting donations
103 CR78561.01 – Since 1978 when the copyright
104 CR66590.01 – Shirla: In figure skating
105 CR20521.01 – Errors in the performance
106 CR30370.01 – Sasha: It must be healthy
107 CR47561.01 – Pharmaceutical companies spend more
108 CR10661.01 In the United States
109 CR53140.01 – In a certain rural area
110 CR69561.01 – Exports of United States wood pulp
111 CR46521.01 – City resident: These new digital
112 CR33661.01 – Advertisement: Today’s customers expect
113 CR03161.01 – Mansour: We should both plan to change
114 CR20661.01 – Clearbell Telephone
115 CR31410.01 – Most of Western music
116 CR04161.01 – Scientist: In an experiment, dogs had
117 CR02741.01 – Kayla: Many people are reluctant
118 Gortland has long been narrowly self-sufficient in both
119 It is widely assumed that people need to engage in intellectual activities
120 The heavy traffic in Masana is a growing drain on the city’s economy
121 With seventeen casinos, Moneyland operates the most casinos
122 In Colorado subalpine meadows, nonnative dandelions
123 In the country of Marut, the Foreign Trade agency’s records
124 Asthma, a chronic breathing disorder, is significantly more common
125 Veterinarians generally derive some of their income
126 Delta Products Inc. has recently switched at least partly
127 In an experiment, each volunteer was allowed to choose between
128 Banker: My country’s laws require every bank to invest
129 Ozone in the stratosphere blocks deadly ultraviolet rays
130 CR02531.01 – A fossil recently discovered
131 CR49770.01 – First discovered
132 CR60561.01 – Although elementary school children
133 CR21041.01 – Advertisement: Our competitors
134 CR30461.01 – Mashika
135 CR00661.01 – There are fundamentally two possible changes
136 CR97561.01 – Under the agricultural policies
137 CR70870.01 – Some theorists and critics
138 CR09090.01 – Beets and carrots
139 CR36441.01 – Consumer advocate
140 CR47931.01 – Researchers conditioned a group of flies
141 CR45650.01 – Suriland
142 CR09461.01 – Most geologists believe
143 CR87051.01 – Psychologist In a survey