Hi, My name is Ali Tariq

I am a GLOBAL GMAT Expert for the world’s largest GMAT community ‘BeatTheGMAT’, having moderated its verbal section and contributed solutions to most tricky SC questions for BeatTheGMAT community.

Currently I am a freelance GMAT SC trainer in Lahore and through computer based online teaching ,and have been teaching students from all over the world for last five years. Attendees of my GMAT SC preparation workshops have achieved scores such as 770 in GMAT with my high-end SC course content.

I devote 100% of my time to GMAT SC content and thus TEACH only GMAT SC in Lahore and online, no GRE, no SAT, no IELTS, no TOEFL, no ACT, no BULLSH*T.


Sorry for not being a ‘JACK of all tests’; I just can’t be and if you are looking for one, looking here will invariably disappoint you.

Those exposed to my SC skills believe I know more about GMAT SC than anyone else in the world.

Over the years my believe has only strengthened that SC, more than any other question type, can make or break the case for your b-school admission by a long shot!!


Skills learned for SC come handy not only for other verbal questions but also for Quant section as GMAC is increasingly putting its emphasis on logic based approach to problem and this approach is most aggressively applied in SC type questions; OG 18 is testimony to this fact. ALL ‘fresh’ OG 18 SC questions are aggressive on logical tact, and I prepare you to solve these questions in less than 10 seconds, whereas traditional approach by other tutors, such as those from Manhattan prep and Veritas Prep, can consume your time considerably.

Have a look at my solution and approach here, in conjunction with the ManhattanPrep’s tutor.

Moreover, high score in verbal is such a rarity by non native GMAT test-takers that it always make its way as a talking point in the interview as well.

Whenever I get time, I run a GMAT SC boot Camp in Lahore. I limit enrollment to 5-7 attendees so that each and every aspect of GMAT SC can be discussed and each attendee be given 100% attention.

At this 2-day training event, I teach all things SC you can’t find online, in books or, anywhere else in the world. It’s my newest, best stuff.

I’m always happy to help my students and see them becoming SC masters.

Next GMAT SC immersive workshop will be held on oct 21-22 in Lahore.


Only 10 slots are available and the timing is 12:00 pm through 8:00pm Saturday and 9:00 am through 8:00 pm Sunday.

If you have been trying to study GMAT SC on your own but haven't been making much progress, it surely is the time to immerse fully in SC workshop this weekend

About SC Workshop

The GMAT SC Immersive Workshop (held in Lahore only) is designed to transform you into a GMAT SC grandmaster with expertise across the most frequently tested SC error domains including Mastering Meaning, Parallelism, Comparisons, Cause and Effect relationships in SC that also come handy in CR questions, modifiers, etc.

Fast-track your GMAT verbal preparation by following a clear and structured learning path that is sure to get you 100% accuracy in GMAT SC on test day and that too under extreme time constraint conditions.

You’ll receive a holistic understanding of how GMAC approach SC question types and gain advanced expertise in GMAT SC. The course exposes you to over 8 major errors, 158 sub errors, discussion on more than 500 750+ level SC questions & includes extensive practice material as well as post-workshop practice material to help you master the complete GMAT SC skill set and make you test ready.

Why attend this workshop?

Because 750 is the new 680.

Whether you just need a quick beginner’s primer/ 400level or are ready for a deep dive into advanced SC topics, you are sure to find something to match your learning style and your needs.

So reserve your seat for the next workshop and get started!!!


‘GMAT SC workshop’ is free, whereas ‘ GMAT SC immersive workshop’ costs 8000 PKR.

‘GMAT SC workshop’ is free. Anyone can attend and the duration is 3 hours. It is held on Satudays; Timing is 9:00am through 12:00pm.

Only 10 slots are available and the timing is 12:00 pm through 8:00pm Saturday and 9:00 am through 8:00 pm Sunday.

77(main) Sarfraz Rafiqui road Lahore Cantt.(opposite PAF officers’ Mess)

Free GMAT SC workshop- 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

GMAT SC immersive-12:10 pm- 8:00 pm(Saturday) and 9:00am through 8:pm sunday. INTENSE SC immersion. Not for everyone!

Sure, GMAT SC workshop is available for free to anyone. No strings attached.

No. These workshops are once in a fortnight or once in a month.

I teach only GMAT SC.

You won’t need to since every aspect of SC is covered in detail.

How relevant are the concepts and questions discussed in this workshop to ones tested in real GMAT nowadays?

The knowledge with which you will be equipped is highly targeted and precisely applicable. Much effort has been made on the part of the architect of this workshop not to led astray in the margins. Objective has been to stay focused and repeat the relevant again and again, albeit in different context, because the rate at which the human mind forgets is astonishing. Repetitions, therefore, I have made so that you can remember to repeat, when it is required the most,

For whom is this workshop inappropriate?

For someone who lacks ambition and desire to rise above mediocrity in life and above 700-730 in GMAT i.e 89-93 percentile, score that can help you admits only from the middle tier b-schools unless you have a stellar application, have cruised through the corporate ladder in a manner that defies comprehension, have raised millions for your startup, have sold couple of million dollar startups ,or your current startup is evaluated at multimillion dollars.

What if I am not satisfied?

You are assured of 100% refund.

What material will be provided for the GMAT SC immersive workshop?

Discussion notes and everything you need to master SC.

Will lunch and coffee be provided?

Of course 🙂


I want to talk to you and discuss my GMAT SC strategy.

Just give me a call @92-321-4582520 or drop by my place and have a cup of coffee with me.

What people say about my GMAT SC immersive workshop

The excellent high-end SC materials that you taught in your workshop were in fact the drivers of my performance that I added the extra marks to my score.

Above all, I have no words to describe your passionate teaching. I honestly believe that one needs to be lucky to experience that and I was one.


get in touch with us




77(main) Sarfraz Rafiqui road Lahore Cantt.(opposite PAF officers’ Mess)